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Göcek is a little town located in Fethiye region and sits between Fethiye and Dalyan. 

Göcek Best Times: May - November.

Göcek is a high class sailing area with perfect weather and bays. The nearest airport to Göcek is Dalaman International Airport which is 25 km away from resort. There are lots of natural bays to see. With Gocek's unique natural environment and strict protection people are encouraged to visit such a beautiful, unspoiled town.The average temperature in Gocek is 14 C (57 F) in winter time and 38 C (100 F) during summer.

Bays and Islands of Göcek

Gobun Bay(Kapi Creek)

This small and narrow cove is entered between two high hills. The bay is covered with olive and pine trees. You can come across century-old olive trees frequently. On the end of the bay you can see some rock tombs and historical ruins. You can organize walks up to the peak to watch the bay. It has an excellent view from the hill.

Gobun Bay.jpg
Cleopatra Bay.jpg

Cleopatra Bay (Hamam Bay)

Historical ruins and sank baths. According to history, during the visit of the Egyptian queen Cleopatra to the Mediterranean shores, her close friends decided to make her this bath and give it as a gift.

Boynuzbükü Bay

Boynuzbuku is a wide bay located in the west of Fethiye bay. The sea is clear since it has a natural breakwater. It has convenient walking areas to explore the bay covered with pine trees and log trees. There is a restaurant in the bay.

Gobun Bay.jpg
Yavansu Bay.jpg

Yavansu Bay (Marti Bay)

There is a wooden pier where you can berth. The name of the bay is coming from the quality of the water coming from the mountain. There is a silhouette of a seagull on the ground at the seaside. Due to the silhouette of this seagull, this cove is called gull.

Siralibuk Bay

One of the most beautiful coves of Göcek. It is one of the magnificent bays where the fresh water source and salt water meet. We recommend you to swim with the sea shoe since the coast is very stony.

Gobun Bay.jpg
Yassica Island.jpg

Yassica Island

The Yassica Island consisting of a few small and big islands in Fethiye bay are one of the most suitable places to spend time.The islands are ideal for water sports enthusiasts. It is covered with pine and olive trees. One of the islands has a small pond. The island is very convenient for hiking.


MarinTürk Village Port, Göcek, Fethiye, Mugla, Turkey


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